Museums, galleries and restaurants in Rotterdam the Netherlands.

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Rotterdam museums
Exhibition Art Gallery Voûte Schiedam
Exhibition at Art Gallery Voûte Schiedam

Museums in Rotterdam

Rotterdam has dozens of museums with leading permanent collections and surprising exhibitions, ranging from modern art to historical artefacts, from architecture to photography and from historical ships to exotic animals. The area around the Museumpark, in the heart of town, is particularly rich in museums. Additionally an attractive route runs from the Museumpark to the Leuvehaven,it is the cozy Witte de With Straat with the Witte de With Center for Contemporary Art. Photography enthusiasts can indulge themselves at the Dutch Photo Museum. Some of the Rotterdam museums are among the best in the world, such as the Boijmans Van Beuningen Museum and the Wereld Museum (World Museum).

There are a number of museums in Rotterdam that exhibit Rotterdam in the Second World War (WWII), such as the War Resistance Museum (Oorlogsverzetmuseum), the Marines Museum (Mariniersmuseum) and the Museum of Coastal Defence (Kustverdedigingsmuseum). Also some off the lesser well-known museums are worth a visit, such as the Public Transport Museum (Openbaar Vervoer Museum) and the Correct Radio Museum (Rotterdams Radio Museum).

Most museums in Rotterdam offer special activities and days for children.


Museum Boijmans van Beuningen

Museumpark 18-20

3015 CX Rotterdam

Tel: 0031 (0)10 4419400/4419475

Fax: 0031 (0)10 4360500


Wereldmuseum Rotterdam

Willemskade 25

3016 DM Rotterdam

Tel: 0031 (0)10 2707172

Fax: 0031 (0)10 2707182

Oorlog en Verzetsmuseum Rotterdam

Oorlog en Verzetsmuseum Rotterdam
Coolhaven 375
3015 GC Rotterdam
Tel.: 0031(010) 4848931

Mariniersmuseum Rotterdam

Wijnhaven 7 /13
3011 WH Rotterdam
Tel.: 0031(0)10 4129600


Rotterdams Radio Museum

Ceintuurbaan 104 -111

3051 KD Rotterdam

Tel: 0031 (0)10 4618585


Kunsthal Rotterdam

Westzeedijk 341 Museumpark

3015 AA Rotterdam

Tel: 0031 (0)10 4400301/4400300


Belasting en Douane Museum Rotterdam

Parklaan 14-16

3016 BB Rotterdam

Tel: 0031 (0)10 4400200

Fax: 0031 (0)10 4361254


Natuurhistorisch Museum Rotterdam

Westzeedijk 345 Museumpark

3015 AA Rotterdam

Tel: 0031 (0)10 4364222


De Dubbelde Palmboom Historical Museum

Voorhaven 12

3024 RM Rotterdam Delfshaven

Tel: 0031 (0)10 4761533

Fax: 0031 (0)10 4782376


Maritiem Museum Rotterdam

Leuvehaven 1

3011 EA Rotterdam

Tel: 0031 (0)10 4132680

Fax: 0031 (0)10 4137342


Openbaar Vervoer Museum

Metrostation Oostplein


Tel: 0031 (0)10 4330762

Fax: 0031 (0)10 4330573


Het Schielandshuis Historical Museum

Korte Hoogstraat 31

3011 GK Rotterdam

Tel: 0031 (0)10 2176767

Fax: 0031 (0)10 4782376


Artipico Art Gallery
Grote Markt 39 A

3111 NH Schiedam, The Netherlands

Tel.: +31(0)10 4551561

Wednesday - Sunday from 12 PM

Rotterdam Art Gallery

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